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Professional Wasp Control Service - Guaranteed Treatment

Dorking Pest Control offer a guaranteed wasp control service usually being able to offer a same day service. We also offer a discounted rate on additional nest.


If you find yourself being bothered by wasps have a look around your property to see if you can notice where your wasps are. The usual spots for wasp nests are under roof tiles or hanging tiles where they might get a lot of sun.  Other areas may be in air bricks of a property, soffit boxes, holes in the wall from an old pipe or you may find that you have got one in your shed or even a hole in the ground.  If you see that there is a constant flow of wasps going in and out of a hole then that would usually suggest where your nest is.


People are under the imression that wasp nests will be used year after year, this is not the case as the queen wasp will start a new nest each year after emerging from her overwintered spot.  We can remove wasp nests from a propety but it is not necessary to do so. When we treat a nest and the customer wants it removing we will return a couple of weeks later to do this.


So if you are in need of a wasp control service contact Dorking Pest Control today

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