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Mice In Reigate 

Dorking Pest Control - Mouse Control Reigate - Mice in Reigate.

Dorking Pest Control offer a mouse control service throughout Reigate and the surrounding areas.  We have a vast amount of experience of mouse control in Reigate dealing with all kinds of problems.


Have you seen mice in your house? Hearing Noises in the roof or maybe found some droppings in the kitchen cupboard?  Then it might be the right time to call in the professionals. Dorking Pest Control offer a mice control service to its customers at a competitive price whilst mainting a quality service.  When we come to your property we will assess the situation and locate where the rats might be gaining access into your property and advise you on ways how you can proof to prevent them from gaining access in the future.


Mice can pose a potential health and safty risk due to the spead of the diseases that they carry.  These can be spread through their droppings and urine.  They can also cause a significant amount of damage by chewing through electrical cables and structural work on properties.


So to solve your mice problem contact us today to see how we can help

mice reigate
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